Roadmaps for fossil free competitiveness

Fossil-free development of Swedish industry

As part of Fossil Free Sweden, 22 different industries have produced their own roadmaps to show how they can enhance their competitiveness by going fossil free or climate neutral.

The roadmaps show the opportunities, identify obstacles and contain proposals for solutions both through the industries own commitments and through political proposals. Taken together, they show what a fossil free business sector will be like.

The roadmaps have been presented to the Government and now form a basis for continued work by Fossil Free Sweden and the industries participating.

Work on producing the roadmaps has been under way in the period 2017-2020. The work processes in most industries have been led by an industry organisation; in some cases a group of companies or a single company has taken the lead.

Fossil Free Sweden has proposed a work process and organisation and set criteria for quality and concretion and for an open and inclusive process that, for instance, has seminars and workshops where actors operating in these industries have been able to present views. Fossil Free Sweden has also encouraged working with reference groups consisting of, for example, trade unions, customer companies, research, contracting authorities and environmental organisations to get as broad a perspective as possible in each roadmap.

The industries own their roadmaps themselves and are responsible for the visions, targets and proposals to remove obstacles that are presented in their roadmaps.

The purpose of the roadmaps is to bring out the opportunities that the climate transition can provide for these industries and how the climate challenge can be used as a commercial opportunity both for companies and industries and also for Sweden. The maps also identify essential technology shifts and potential obstacles to industry transitions and present measures and policy proposals to enable these obstacles to be removed.