Strategies for fossil free competitiveness

Horizontal strategies to address common challenges and enable the roadmaps to be implemented

The 22 roadmaps for fossil free competitiveness produced by the various industries in the business sector show what is required to make industry fossil free or climate neutral. This “jigsaw puzzle of Sweden” cannot be pieced together if all the roadmaps are implemented at the same time. 

Fossil Free Sweden is therefore developing strategies that show how the challenges can be managed and also how the transition can be pressed ahead and benefit Swedish competitiveness in international markets. The strategies containing proposals of measures are produced by Fossil Free Sweden, with support from several companies and universities that essentially back the strategies, and are then presented to the Government.

Strategy for a sustainable battery value chain

The rapid electrification of our society increases the demand for sustainably produced batteries. This can create a new major export industry for Sweden.

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Hydrogen strategy

Hydrogen gas will play an important role in the development of a fossil free Sweden in several branches of industry and in the transport sector, as well as by contributing to the electricity system. 

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Biomass is needed to replace fossil products in several areas, but there is not enough forest to go round. How should we use our biomass for best public and climate benefit.

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Finance strategy

The goal of this strategy is to ease the financing of the industry transformations that are mentioned in the roadmaps and finding finance solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

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Energy efficiency strategy

The strategy will identify obstacles and suggest solutions so that energy efficency can contribute to the implementation of the roadmaps for fossil-free competitiveness.