The journey to a fossil free Sweden

Developing and modernizing society by going fossil free

Film about how Sweden is transforming to a fossil free nation. With Svante Axelsson, National Coordinator of Fossil Free Sweden.

Sweden is undergoing a historic transition with the ambition not only to make the country climate neutral by 2045, but also to shape a sustainable welfare society that inspires other countries to follow the same path.

Fossil Free Sweden therefore wants to show how far we have come already, what work is being done right now and what challenges and opportunities lies ahead.

Welcome to read and share the story about the journey to a fossil free Sweden.

Chapter 1 – The journey has already started

The tempo has to increase but the direction is set. History can show us the way forward.

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Chapter 2 – Transport moving forward

Transport accounts for a third of the greenhose gas-emissions but there are technologies to reduce them.

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Chapter 3 – Industry is going towards zero to return a profit

Industries see future advantages and have roadmaps for fossil free competitiveness.

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Chapter 4 – Why should Sweden take a lead?

Through the export of climate solutions Sweden can have a global impact om emissions.

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Chapter 5 – Living in a fossil free Sweden

How much and in what way will life change for the citizens when Sweden is going fossil free.

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