Gathering actors around concrete climate action to inspire others to follow.

Fossil Free Sweden has launched four challenges for concrete climate action for corporations, municipalities, regions and organizations. The challenges focus on concrete and feasible actions that organizations can implement to lower their carbon footprint. By assembling a large number of actors around each challenge the public, politicians and other organizations are shown the ambitions of the signatories. Thereby the actions gather momentum and the bar for others to follow is lowered.

The transport challenge

Set up a goal for domestic transports to be fossil free before 2030. Applies to transports the organization purchases and performs.

The solar challenge

Install solar panels.

The internal travel tax challenge

Set up a policy for internal travel tax on carbon heavy business travel and use the funds for climate action.

The company car challenge

Set up a policy for company cars that only allows electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, plug-in hybrids or bio gas cars.