Scania AB

Inrapporterade klimatmål:

Scania will reduce its Scope 1 and 2 emissions with 50 percent until 2025 with 2015 as the base year in absolute terms. Thus, CO2 emissions from these scopes will be cut in half regardless of how much we grow. Approved by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) to be aligned with a 1,5 scenario.

Scania has also set a target on our scope 3 emissions from the user phase. 20% CO2 reduction from our products until 2025 with 2015 as a base year. This is an intensity target measured in CO2 equivalents per kilometre. Approved by the SBTi to be in accordance with the most ambitious decarbonisation scenario that has been developed by them.

Complementary climate targets:
-100% of our operations run on fossil free electricity by 2020 (Achieved during 2020)

– 50% CO2 reductions from land transports per transported tonne by 2025 (2016)”

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