Inrapporterade klimatmål:

The Volvo Group is committed to the ambitions and climate change goals of the Paris Agreement. The transition to a fossil free transport system requires a range of solutions and our main focus areas are:
– Electrification and hydrogen
– Sustainable bio-fuels
– Solutions to optimize energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption

The ambition is to sell 100% fossil free Volvo Group vehicles from 2040, to be CO2 neutral by 2050 guided by the following intermediate targets:

– 50% of Volvo Truck sales in Europe by 2030 to be electric.
– At least 35% of Volvo Group global vehicle sales by 2030 to be fully electric by using energy coming either from batteries or converting hydrogen on board into electricity.

The Volvo Group will set Science Based Targets during 2021 covering all relevant emissions, from production as well as customer use phase.

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